The memory is still fresh from my first sighting of an BMW E39 M5, back in 1999 at the local BMW dealership in Lisbon, that was just just a small walk from our office at the time.

The Silverstone Metallic M5 on display shined under the showroom lights, with its intentions only made obvious by the enlarged Shadow Chrome wheels, the aerodynamically molded mirrors and bumpers, the quad pipes to sing and the decorative M5 logo. The dream was set.

On the 12th of July 2008, that dream became a reality. My own experience with the wolf in sheep's clothing was the beginning of something very special.

My Le Mans Blue M5, Sunrise near Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam.


Living the dream


Pursuit of perfection

Shadow Chrome Wheels

Wheels that make the car


Maintaining the M5


Optimizing the experience


Meeting enthusiasts