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Below you can find a small selection of some of our past detailing projects.

BMW E39 M5 Le Mans Blue

Labour of love, with hundreds of hours dedicated on bringing the M5 always one step closer to perfection.

Shadow Chrome Wheel Perfection

The complete Style 65 Shadow Chrome wheel refurbish. 

BMW E39 530i Touring Individual

The Carbon Black smooth daily driver detailed to pristine condition.

Audi A6 3.2 Quattro

Vorsprung durch Technik applied to a comfortable daily driver, now with a new gloss after its first detail.

Audi RS4

A new car protection detail, this B7 RS4 in Sprint Blue received the care that Audi was not able to give. 

BMW E28 528i

An Alpine White E28 from 1984, forgotten in Monaco for many years. Decades of grime removed.

BMW E28 M535i

Restoring the shine and glory to this beautiful M-Techniq 535i.

BMW E34 M5 3.6l

One of the best 3.6l M5s on the roads of the Netherlands. 

BMW E39 M5 Carbon Black

The M5 that convinced me that Carbon Black is indeed a very special color.

BMW E39 M5 Carbon Black

A quick detail to an M5 that is used to travel all around Europe.

BMW E39 M5 Oxford Green

After 260 000km, this M5 was completely turned around. Beauty returned to the Beast.

BMW E39 M5 Titan Silver

Restoring one of the most neglected M5 interiors and engine bay yet encountered. 

BMW E39 M5 Carbon Black

Resolving severe water spotting.

BMW X5 4.4i

The very first BMW SUV with only 30 000km.

Daimler Super Eight

Perfecting a rare Daimler Super Eight.