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the perfect family car for us

As one of the last BMW E39 built - Sedans stopped production in June 2003, Touring were built until December 2003 - this 530i Touring Highline Sport Individual, a combination of Carbon Black paintfinish with soft Cinnamon Nappa Leather interior, is a rare gem.

Born in December 2003 and first registered in mid 2004, the Touring is in pristine condition and the ideal companion for our E39 M5, as our family daily driver.

engine: M54 3.0l naturally aspirated straight six
power: 231hp @ 5900rpm
torque: 300nm @ 3500rpm
max speed: 250km/h
0-100km/h: 7.9 s
0-200km/h: -
transmission: 5 speed automatic
powertrain layout: front engine / rear wheel drive
weight: 1720kg
year: 2004


This was a looked after vehicle before coming to our hands. The interior was in excellent condition for its age and despite the 78 000km back in 2012, it showed little to no wear.

The interior detail was focused on removing the years of some very light grime and dust on every single surface, air vents, plastics, pedals, etc., leaving the car feeling and smelling as if it has just left the production line.


interior details

Despite the great condition of the interior, some improvements and fixed had to be done:

. The Anthracite Birch trim was removed to be polished as to restore a perfectly glossy and rich finish to this beautiful trim.

. Many broken/worn plastic bits replaced with new ones: centre console handle, broken trim pieces on the rear bootlid hatch, seat rail covers.

. Update of the centre console phone holder to support iPhone 4/4S.


To preserve the soft Cinnamon Nappa Leather, a thorough vacuum was done to remove any dirt on the surface or seams, as to avoid any damage through abrasion to the leather.

Next, the leather was gently washed, to eliminate any grime or oils, leaving the grain clean and ready for protection.

The last step was the application of a leather sealant, that protects against UV damage, helps prevent dye transfer and leaves the leather with a supple feel and natural sheen.

The beautiful finish of Cinnamon Nappa Leather.

The beautiful finish of Cinnamon Nappa Leather.

interior carpets

Floor mats are one of the areas in a car that see the most dirt, which is constantly being brought in by dirty shoes and pushed into the fibres of the velour.

To preserve this original set with the Cinnamon Nappa Leather edge decoration, it was imperative to properly protect it.

After a thorough wash, Textile Sealant was applied to seal the velour and help it repel dirt and liquids through its hydrophic properties, keeping them at the surface and making it easier to clean.

After vacuuming, the carpets were ready to be washed.


Always beginning with the wheels, as to avoid dirt splatter on washed paint, they were iron decontaminated and washed.

Next was to rinse the Touring and with a soft brush and a citrus cleaner clean all the small details as roof rails, water drains, door and bootlid jams, etc. Afterwards, the Touring was then gently washed with a lambswool mitt.

To finish up the cleaning process, the whole paint was iron-decontaminated, clayed and washed once again, so it can be spotless and ready for the polishing session.


Touring being foamed to help release the grime.

Washing with a lambswool mitt.


The Carbon Black paint was not in good condition. Unfortunately, this was a car that was always badly washed, possibly through automatic washes, as the paint was filled with Random Deep Scratches (RDS) and heavy swirls.

A multi stage process had to be carried out to carefully restore the finish: Compound, Polishing and Finishing Polishing. With constant paint thickness measurements, each of the stages was repeated until a near perfect finish was achieved.

Carbon Black Metallic.


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Touring at Serra da Estrela, Portugal, during summer vacations.

BMW E39 530i Touring Highline Sport Individual.

The great combination of Carbon Black and Cinnamon Nappa Leather on this E39 Touring Highline Sport