This M5 was acquired in 2010 with around 40 000km by an E39 M5 aficionado. When sold, it was mentioned that it belonged to an old 70 year old Doctor... and for once that was a statement that I could actually believe in, as the car was in pristine condition.

A dream come true for the new owner, he surely enjoyed driving it around all of Europe: Trips to the Nürburgring, fetching Whisky from the Isle of Skye or scenic tours in south of France. This M5 has been almost everywhere in the old continent.

This was a short detail, meant to tidy up the car and prepare it for the Winter with some paint protection.


engine: S62 4.9l Naturally Aspirated V8
power: 400hp @ 6600rpm
torque: 500nm @ 3800rpm
max speed: 300km/h (unrestricted)
0-100km/h: 5.1 s
0-200km/h: 16.9 s
transmission: 6 speed manual
powertrain layout: front engine / rear wheel drive.
weight: 1720kg
year: 1999


This M5, since it was bought, has been driven hard. However, below the layers of dirt and dust, of note the nice scribbles on the back, it was in good condition.

A two bucket mode wash, followed by claying  and a iron decontamination session, was necessary to remove most of the dirt on the car, leaving a surface ready for a light polish and sealant application.

The wheels were cleaned and iron cleansed, before having a wheel sealant applied.

The whole interior was vacuumed, the plastics washed and the leather treated and protected.

The M5 before the wash. Lake Como? Nürburgring? It has been to places!


Under the halogens, the Carbon Black paint revealed some normal swirling and random deep scratches, nothing too unusual for the now 100 000km on the car.

For this one step polishing process, a polishing pad and medium/fine polish combination was the necessary to achieve the results desired.

At the end of this small polishing session, most of the swirls had been removed and the Carbon Black had some of its gloss and shine restored.

For protection, two layers of Gtechniq EXO were applied.


With the layers of dirt gone and the paint lightly jeweled, the Carbon Black was finally free to shine.

For the few hours that this M5 spent on Detailing, the results were great: it was now clean, the interior was tidy and smelling like leather and carbon black was gleaming.

With the paint protected, it was ready to face the winter grime with ease, making it easier to wash and to keep clean during the wet, cold season.