Born out of the relationship with Land Rover in the mid 90s, the X5 was BMW's first venture into the luxury Sports Activity Vehicle market.

This Oxford Green X5 model from early 2000 is in absolutely pristine condition, with only 28 000km on the odometer. There is still so much life in this M62 powered BMW.

This detail was focused on cleaning the 14 years of almost always garaged life and restore the new car shine and smell it deserves to have.

engine: M62 4.4l Naturally Aspirated V8
power: 286hp @ 5400rpm
torque: 440nm @ 3600rpm
max speed: 207km/h
0-100km/h: 7.5 s
0-200km/h: -
transmission: 5 speed automatic
powertrain layout: front engine / all wheel drive.
weight: 2080kg
year: 2000


Despite the low mileage and the light usage, after 14 years there is always plenty of dirty and dust that settles itself in various places throughout the car.

After the initial rinse, every nook and cranny of the X5 was cleaned and washed with a soft hog hair brush and a mild All Purpose Cleaner (APC). The engine bay saw the same treatment.

The step above was then followed by dual bucket mode wash with a soft merino wool mitt and gently clayed to remove all contaminants on the paint surface, leaving the X5 prepared for the polishing session.

The X5 on arrival.


The interior of the X5 was in very good condition overall, only spoiled by the fact that the creme colour shows all stains and wear marks that it has accumulated throughout the 14 years.

A thorough clean was done to all surfaces: Complete vacuum, all plastics and air vents were washed, stains were removed from door cards and carpets, glass and window rubber seals cleaned, and leather washed and conditioned.

Unfortunately, due to time restraints, not many photos were taken of the cleaning process and results.

A spotless, like new, 14 year old interior.


The Oxford Green displayed little swirling and not many random deep scratches, so an easy approach with a light polish and pad combination was preferred.

This process was to resolve the majority of the defects and preserve plenty of clearcoat for future corrections.

The deep green was restored and left gleaming almost as new, leaving this X5 looking like a time capsule back into the year 2000.

Oxford Green,  now shiny and clear.

exterior details

To conclude the detail on the exterior, some last steps were taken.

The original wheels were removed and the wheel wells were cleaned and the plastics treated.

Before the special 19'' Individual wheels were installed, they were treated with specially designed sealant, to assure protection from brake dust and other contaminants up to 2 years,

All key locks were cleaned and polished, exterior plastics were treated and exhausts were polished.


It's fascinating how much the car has changed since it was delivered. It looks fresh, shiny and sharp and the new bigger wheels complete the package in a special way.

The Oxford Green is a classic colour that has so much depth and gloss when polished and now this X5 could show it with pride.

The owner was ecstatic with the results and anxious to drive this time capsule of the early 2000s.

The X5 left our installations ready to begin life again, as new.