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the added value of detailing

Detailing is to meticulously restore a surface or material, to the smallest detail, while keeping it original. For cars, that means bringing back the "as new" look and smell, without the need for expensive resprays or reupholstering.

After an extensive clean and preparation, precise polishing processes will restore the paint surface to a high gloss, defect free, mirror shine.  To protect the jeweled finish, specialized sealants shield the paint against UV damage, boost the repellency to dirt while increasing the durability of the shine.

Perfected and transformed to as new, your car is prepared , so it can be better enjoyed in a collection for decades, displayed with pride at concours shows or command a premium value due to its pristine condition.

Detailed Daimler Super Eight.

tailored service

With an individual service in mind, we seek to meet your requests and requirements, as you and your car are unique for us.

There is much that detailing can do in restoring specific areas: a spotless engine bay, clean wheels wells and suspension arms, restore aged leather, interior trim polishing and any other part worthy of attention and care.

If you require a wheel repair, panel repaint or specialized mechanical assistance, we work with the very best partners, advising on the best procedure to ensure that the work is done to the highest standards, leaving you free to focus on enjoying the results.

very best premium products

The time of waxes, sponges and chamois rags is long gone in car care.

Technology has penetrated detailing with a torrent of nano crystal sealants that create a highly durable chemical bound with the paint surface, increasing water and dirt repellency, to a stage never reached before with a wax.

Care is in every tool used, from gentle Merino wool wash mitts, to deep pile soft microfibers, freshly new for each full detail carried to avoid any possible contamination from previous uses.

No detail is spared into providing you the quality difference that the very best in Detailing offers.

The very best leather products are used to clean, treat and protect.